Saturday, January 17, 2009

K-DRAMA: 18 vs 29

Title: 18 vs 29
Episodes: 16
Watch: VEOH

Cast (mentioned in post):
Yoo Hye Chan - Park Sun Young
Kang Bong Man (a.k.a. Sang Young) - Ryu Soo Young
Young Hye Chan - Park Min Ji
Young Bong Man - Choi Si Won
Shin Ji Young - Park Eun Hye
Yoo Hye Won - Jo Eun Ji
Kang Bong Gyu - Lee Sang Woo

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29 year old Yoo Hye Chan wants a divorce from her husband. She is on her way to deliver the papers to make the divorce official, when she gets into a car accident. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a world she does not know...since she wakes up thinking she's 18. All the memories she's made since she was 18 have been forgotten, including marrying her husband. She doesn't even recognize her now-grown-up sister. So when her (soon-to-be-ex) husband comes to the hospital, she is adamant that she did not marry him. She is even more in disbelief when she finds out she married Kang Bong Man, a guy she once loathed in high school. She gets into a lot of mischief, but eventually lets Bong Man take care of her. They have their problems, but Bong Man tries to be as supportive and caring as he can...and through this, their marital relationship starts to recover, somewhat. Until she regains her memory...

I will be honest. Though the story line did sound interesting, I really started watching this just to see Siwon. Haha.

Anyway, I don't have much to say about this drama. The story line is interesting, but it's not amazing. I mean, there's definitely lots of drama involved, with Hye Chan thinking she's 18, and trying to come to terms with the fact that she's actually 29 and married to Kang Bong Man. The story plays out well, with many obstacles and misunderstandings in between. One of those obstacles (a BIG obstacle) is Ji Young, who acts innocent around Sang Young and pretends to be Hye Chan's friend, when she learns Hye Chan has amnesia, but really wants Sang Young's and Hye Chan's relationship to end. Sometimes, I really wanted to punch Jiyoung in the face for being such a two-faced bitch. But, ah...I guess that means Park Eun Hye played her part really well right? Another is obstacle would be Noon. He falls in love with Hye Chan, and is basically Ji Young's male counterpart....but, not. Because he is less selfish. He just wants Hye Chan to be unhappy, unlike Ji Young who doesn't really care if Sang Young's happier with Hye Chan. She just wants Sang Young for herself, because she loves him. Noon doesn't get on my nerves like Ji Young does. He's a sweet character, and very protective of Hye Chan. Sang Young gets jealous of his easy relationship with Hye Chan, though they do become friends in the end.

There was also a side story between Hye Chan's younger sister, Hye Won, and Bong Man's younger brother, Bong Gyu. They start to date, but then Bong Gyu has doubts about taking her home to meet his grandfather because he knows his grandfather will have issues with their relationship, since they're already in-laws. They're funny together, and fun to watch. They're both my favorite characters in this drama. And actually, one of my favorite scenes is in episode 11, when Bong Gyu goes to pick up a drunk Hye Won, who was having drinks with another guy, since Bong Gyu had told her earlier (that day?) that he wasn't sure he was ready to get married yet. Bong Gyu takes her home, and then the guy texts her, wondering where she is and that he' sad without her. Bong Gyu gets a bit possessive and replies with "Bong Gyu is the only one for me" or something like that, while Hye Won is passed out. x]

Another favorite scene is one at the end of episode 10, of young Hye Chan and Bong Man. Hye Chan makes a gift that's meant for Bong Man, but her old crush takes it instead thinking it's for him. Bong Man sees this and is mistaken, as well. I must say that Siwon looks really good in that uniform. I really like his hair here, too. Haha.

This is a drama that's good to watch once. I probably won't rewatch it again.

Rating: ★★★

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