Friday, July 30, 2010

SUMMARY: K-DRAMA: Cinderella's Sister, Ep. 01

Title: Cinderella's Sister (신데렐라 언니)
Episode 01

Characters in This Episode (in order of appearance):
- Song Eun Jo
- Han Jung Woo (as a kid)
- Song Kang Sook
- Han Jung Woo's dad (don't know his name...)
- Goo Hyo Seon
- Hong Ki Hoon
- Goo Dae Sung

The episode starts of with a shot of the rice cooker and then moves to show Song Eun Jo making a meal.  Their soup boiling on the stove while she's cutting up kimchi, which Han Jung Woo steals a bite of.

While she is making this meal, we hear a man and a woman arguing in the background.  It turns out to be Eun Jo's mother, Song Kang Sook, and Jung Woo's father.  Eun Jo's mother is upset because Jung Woo's father abused her while he was drunk, and she didn't sign up for that.  So she's getting ready to leave, while Jung Woo's father is begging for forgiveness and asking her to stay.  And while all that is happening, Eun Jo is trying to get in as much food as she can because she doesn't know when she'll be able to have a decent meal again.  Jung Woo realizes it's the same for him, if Eun Jo leaves, and starts to eat hurriedly too.  Before they even make a decent dent in the meal (which looks pretty good to me), the fighting escalates as Jung Woo's father is threatening Kang Sook with a bat. Eun Jo and Jung Woo abandon there meal and get to the other room just in time to disarm and disable him, and Jung Woo gets rid of the bat.

After that, they have to run away.  Eun Jo wants to get away as fast as they can, but her mother is hesitant and actually wants to go back.  Of course, Eun Jo thinks she's crazy until she realizes her mother wants to go back because of something...a very shiny diamond ring which Eun Jo happened to swipe before they ran out.  So now Kang Sook is all happy and in a rush to get to the train station.  They get on the train, and Kang Sook immediately wants to get changed because she likes to look good.  She's...quite something.

Anyway, Kang Sook falls asleep and Eun Jo stares out the window as the train pulls into another stop.  As she's looking out, she notices gangsters getting on the train and realizes they're after her and her mother, because of the ring.  She thinks about abandoning her mother and saving herself, and almost does it, but she chickens out in the end.  Instead, she wakes her mother and they run through the train as the gangsters chase after them.  They reach the end of the train with nowhere to go except two restrooms...and that is how they meet Goo Hyo Seon.

Goo Hyo Seon is a bubbly, sort of ditzy girl.  They left the diamond ring with her for safe keeping, but she's lost it...or so she thinks.  We see her talking to Hong Ki Hoon, who she is in love with, and he tells her that nothing is lost forever.  She then tells him that she'll believe whatever he says, even if he tell her "the moon is square" or something like that.  He drops her off at school, where she gets in trouble for being late and gets punished by having to kneel in the hallway with her hands up.  That is where Kang Sook finds her.

Kang Sook has come for the ring, so Hyo Seon takes her back to her house.  On the way there, Kang Sook complains often, but when she realizes that Hyo Seon's family is actually very wealthy she stops her complaining and keeps walking.  Sometime after they arrive, her clothes get dirty and she has to change.  Hyo Seon giver Kang Sook some of her late mother's clothing, and soon thinks Kang Sook resembles her mother.  After Kang Sook learns of this, she hatches a plan to get close to Hyo Seon's father, Goo Dae Sung, and marry into the family, so that her and her daughter can have a better life.  It also helps that Hyo Seon grows quite attached to her, even so far as being happy to have a splinter so that Kang Sook can kiss it and make it all better.  (CRAZY GIRL! lol)

Meanwhile, Eun Jo, who was taken back to Han Jung Woo's father, thinks her mother has abandoned her.  She's getting ready to run away and set out on her own, thinking she'll live a better life without her mother.  But just as she's about to go, Ki Hoon and Hyo Seon's uncle are there to pick her up and bring her to Hyo Seon's house.  But she doesn't go willing, and uses that old "I have to go to the bathroom" trick to try and run away.  But Ki Hoon is ready and chases after her.  There's a cheesy scene where he pulls at the pencil holding her hair up, which loosens it and causes it to fall, cascading down her back, causing him to stop in his tracks (because it's so beautiful? xD).  After he shakes off his daze, he chases after and catches her.

But even when she gets to the Goo house she's still resistant.  She argues with her mother and tells her she's not going to stand for this, because she thinks it's the same as always and that this is just another man her mother is going to go through.  She tells her mother they shouldn't depend on men, and should just live on their own.  Her mother insists this is different, and that this is the last one.  After having her mom repeat that it's the last time and promise that, if it ends up like before, she'll let her go, Eun Jo gives in.

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